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An Earlier Finish to Toilet Training

Studies show that you can expect your baby to toilet train, on average, a year earlier in cotton diapers than disposables. The average stay in cotton diapers is 18-24 months, while the average for disposables is 30-42 months. (The reason for this is that the chemical absorbency of disposables obscures the cause and effect of wetting.) This not only has obvious implications for your budget and convenience, but it is highly significant for your baby's development. Toilet training is an important step on the way to your child's increased competence, confidence, and sense of self.

We are local

Tidee Didee is a family-owned business, proudly providing diaper service and related products to the Portland metro area since 1970. Our pride in being locally-based is evidenced when you experience the personalized service you receive all through the “diapering years” of your children. We are there to make this period of life easier to manage.

We provide 100% cotton diapers delivered right to your door. We service the Portland metro area.

We are committed to providing a safe, healthy, and sustainable alternative to disposable diapers, while protecting our Northwest environment and providing employment for local families. We encourage you to take a few minutes and look through our website to see what resources exist for you and your baby.

Why cloth diapers?

We provide diapers in sizes from preemie to toddler, as well as pull-on training pants in our boutique. Diaper covers have evolved, and now come with velcro closures so there is no longer a need for pins! We are committed to strict standards for bacteria control and pH balance, all the while conserving natural resources.

Families who cloth diaper save over $1,000 per child. One prefold diaper can be washed up to 200 times.
Cloth diapering reduces your baby's exposure to toxic chemicals in disposable diapers and wipes.
Using cloth diapers keeps disposables out of the landfill. They also use less resources to manufacture.
Tidee Didee Diaper Service

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The natural baby boutique carries items which support the cloth-diapering parent, and are often locally made.

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6011 SE 92nd Ave. Portland, OR 97266
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