We do the dirty work. No pre-cleaning required

Eco-friendly products for your
baby; made with love, delivered with care.

We get it. Parenting is hard, let us help carry the load.
Tidee Didee offers an eco-friendly, cloth diaper delivery service that is easily customizable to meet your needs.

Cloth Diaper Service

Rental Service

Why buy when you can rent for less than owning. Effortlessly keep pace with your baby’s growth. Our inclusive rental service offers the perfect-fit diapers at every stage, combining convenience with sustainability.

Diaper Sanitization

Home laundry is not enough.
Our advanced laundry system ensures safe, germ-free diapers while conserving water and energy through collective washing. Enjoy the convenience of no pre-cleaning. 

Weekly Delivery

Friendly faces to the service.
Your friendly delivery team, Anita and Manuel ensures a steady supply of fresh diapers, come rain or shine.

What You Get

Accelerate Potty Training

Ease and speed up the potty training process with our cloth diapers. Designed to help your little one recognize wetness, our diapers encourage faster, more intuitive potty training.

More Quality Time with Your Baby

Reclaim precious moments. Our convenient service eliminates the labor of washing diapers, giving you more time to spend with your baby, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Economical and Healthy Choice

Enjoy dual benefits: save money and protect your baby’s health. Our cloth diapers are more cost-effective than disposables and are made of natural cotton, ensuring your little one’s comfort and well-being.

Service Pricing

When is best time to sign up? Today.
Our service price may change some day and our routes shifts actively as potty trained baby leave our routes. So, some routes become more expensive.

Lowest Priced Diaper Service in USA

Customers Go

Goo Goo Gaga for Us

I loved Tidee Didee, I used them up until my son was ready for potty training. Their customer service was always very responsive and willing to work with me. I also loved getting my diapers delivered straight to my house every week. Plus, there is the added bonus of helping out the environment by using sustainable, reusable cloth diapers. Highly recommend!

Jessica Bettendorf

Portland, Oregon , ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
We used Tidee Didee for the first 16 months of my daughters life, and it was incredible. The convenience of a diaper service made cloth diapering so much easier! No extra laundry. They pick up the dirty diapers and drop off clean ones. It was that simple. Reducing our environmental impact and keeping as many diapers out of landfill as possible was important to us, and Tidee Didee made that possible. We highly recommend!

Brook Anderson

Portland, Oregon , ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Such kind and responsive employees! Loved our time with them! Little guy never had any diaper rash and it was great having diapers double as burp clothes and rags!

Corinne Hoag

Portland, Oregon , ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

How the Fuss Do I Begin?

Your journey to a greener, cleaner diapering solution starts here. Sign up today and witness the difference that you, as a parent, can make for your baby and our planet.
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