OsoCozy Diaper Pail Deodorizing Disks 5 Pack


$3.95 available on subscription

Effective in reducing Diaper Pail Odor with a nice citrusy-lemony scent. Each disk is effective for 2-4 weeks once opened.
These nice lemony scented disks are also used in a number of other applications such as rest rooms, regular laundry pails or bins, closets, kitchen garbage cans and more.

Nice Lemony Scent. Non-Hazardous, Non-Toxic. Place Inside Diaper Pail to Reduce Odor. Each Disk Effective for 2-4 Weeks

Deodorizing disks for diaper pails. These disks are sized to fit in the slot of the lid of our 54 Quart Diaper Pail as per the image above. If using a different kind of diaper pail find another method of attaching the deodorizing disk to the inside cover of the pail. Some users have reported success in using tape or pooking a hole in the disk and tying it off with string or thread. These will significantly reduce your diaper pail odor. It has a nice citrus scent and each disc lasts 2-4 weeks depending upon room temperature and humidity. The discs are non-hazardous and non-toxic and will not cause harm if ingested. Sold in a five pack of individually wrapped discs. Shelf life for the discs is about 12 months if the package is unopened.

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