How it works

Modern cloth diapers have better absorption, have always had less friction on delicate bums than big brand disposables, and our PH balanced cotton naturally lets air circulate helping to reduce rashes. We even have ‘special rinse’ diapers for babies with extra sensitive skin.


Sweet smelling relief for you and your baby.

Step one

Schedule a delivery of 100% natural cotton diapers and/or Waste-to-Energy paper diapers, leak proof diaper covers, a stink-free pail, and all the products you need to get started, one week before your due date, so you’re all set for baby’s first one’s and two’s (and three’s).

Step two

We’ll eagerly wait to hear news from you of your baby’s arrival — exactly when predicted and precisely to the birth plan, no doubt. We’ll get you all booked for your second delivery/pick up and create your ongoing diaper relief squad schedule. Simple.

Step three

Sit back and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that Tidee Didee has your back(side). No more diaper runs, no more contributing diapers to landfills, all while giving your baby the very best.