Your Community Awaits:
“Join the change the world needs with Tidee Didee. It’s not just business, it’s shaping the future. Be part of the diverse Oregon community – from daycares to eco-friendly organizations, we’re all making a difference together.”
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Boost Your Reputation
“Partnering with Tidee Didee’s cloth diaper service can elevate your status in childcare. It boosts your green reputation while adding a unique, valued feature to your service, setting you apart in the competitive market.”
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Accelerate Growth, Comply with Ease: The Power of Cloth Diapers
Oregon’s bylaws (OAR 414-300-0220) require daycares to avoid on-site cloth diaper cleaning and ensure children are potty trained by age 3. Partner with Tidee Didee and effortlessly comply, while also speeding up those crucial developmental steps for our little ones. A smarter partnership, don’t you think?
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Slash Waste, Soar Sustainability
Just one baby in disposables creates 2.6 tons of waste per year. With Tidee Didee’s cloth diaper service, your daycare can drastically cut this figure, showcasing your commitment to the environment. Make a green impact!
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Tailored to your business needs. Speak to an Account Executive about going green!

Green Hearts in Our Community

We’re proud to partner with daycares, and eco-friendly organizations that share our commitment to a sustainable future. Each logo you see here represents a powerful ally in our mission to reduce waste and safeguard our environment.
“Tidee Didee is a lovely service to have available for our schools toddlers toilet training needs. Wonderful to have these items delivered and taken away with no fuss on our end. Thank you!“

Jessika Summerfield

Business Director, SunGarden Montessori Children’s House

Flexible Pricing, Tailored for Your Business Needs

Whether you’re a small daycare or a large organization, we are here to support you. Our pricing model is designed to be as flexible as possible, with volume tier discounts available for larger orders.
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