Terms and Conditions of Tidee Didee Diaper Service

Below Terms and Conditions are written and enforced for both Subscription Customers and Legacy Contract Customers. Unless otherwise specified as different.

Minimum Commitment

The minimum commitment to use our service is 4 weeks. 4 weeks is the perfect amount of time to give sustainable diapers at try. Please make sure that you are ready to commit to at least 4 weeks of service before signing up for our service as there will be no refunds or store credit for the initial 4 weeks of service once you have received your diapers. Please keep in mind we’ve factored in time, labor hours, and overall effort to set-up your account. This is why the 4 weeks are non-refundable or transferable. Thank you for your understanding.

Automatic Recurring Billing

Tidee Didee charges your credit/debit card every 4 weeks until a cancellation request is received. Our service is billed and payable in advance every four weeks. Each payment entitles you to 4 weeks of service. Your billing cycle begins the day before you receive your first delivery. The day our driver goes to provide you with the first set of diapers is the end of the first week. Every time your card is charged, we will send you an email receipt.


For your convenience, our service is billed and payable in advance every four weeks. Your billing cycle begins the first day you begin using the diapers. The day our driver comes to pick up your diapers, is the end of your first week. We will create an automatic, reoccurring charge every 4 weeks automatically. Every time your card is charged, we will send you an email receipt.


If you wish to cancel service, please notify our office at least two weeks before you wish to cancel. You can cancel anytime after the minimum commitment of initial 4 weeks has been met. We’ll pick up all your diapers on-site on your final pick-up day. We’ll take inventory of all items returned and provided that everything is returned, no further charges will be incurred. If items are not returned on your final pick up, they must be dropped off at our office within 3 days or pay a $30 fee for us to return the following week to pickup. Remember, if any diapers are missing or damaged, we will need to recover the cost of these missing items. Please see Retail Price of Rental Products section.

If you wish to keep any items, please contact us for special pricing. Upon cancellation, if you wish to keep any diapers, we’ll charge for the full price per diaper that is not returned.

As parents, we know that the day your child no longer needs diapers may be almost as exciting as the day he or she was born. We hope that during the “diapering period” of your baby’s life that our service was everything and more than you hoped for from a diaper service. We will also try and make your transition from diapers as simple as possible.

If financial matters are prompting your termination, you may wish to consider the following: The average parent has found the price difference between doing it themselves and diaper service is only about $2.00 a week. This is considering labor, soaps, water, electricity, wear and tear of diapers, finding the high quality diapers themselves. Of course, this cost does not consider your opportunity to spend quality time with your baby while you are actively attending to laundry.

For plastic (disposables), most parents have found there to be a 15% INCREASE in your monthly costs compared to our diaper service. Including delayed potty training period for up to 5 years. Also the impact on the environment, and the toxic chemicals and materials coming into contact with your baby. Even though disposables advertise that they keep wetness from your baby’s skin and you can sometimes leave them on a little longer, body waste mixes with those dangerous chemicals to form gases that stay trapped in the diaper and thus against your baby’s tender skin.


There are no cash or credit card refunds. Store credit will be issued for any monies remaining on your account. The first month of service is non-transferable, non-refundable and can’t be applied as store credit. If your account is on Automatic Reoccurring Billing (ARB), we’ll cancel your subscription and provide you with your cancellation date. If you have purchased a package and cancel before all the weeks have been used, we will deduct any free items received and apply the remaining balance as store credit.

All retail items are final sale, which cannot be returned or exchanged. As a small local business, we do not have the means to return your items back to the original merchants. Thank you for your understanding.

Gift Certificates:

If you are gifted a gift certificates, you are entitled to redeem the full amount to be applied as credit to service or retail items. If for any reason you cancel service and there are still funds left on your gift certificates, the funds will be applied to your account as store credit. The credit derived from Gift Certificates expires after 1 year of first issuance. Please note that Gift Certificates are not “Gift Cards.” Therefore it does not follow local state regulations on “Gift Cards.”

Pack and Fly Service

Effective January 22, 2024. Pack and Fly Service is no longer available. Instead Tidee Didee Diaper Service customers buy them via online store or at the retail store.

Pack and Fly service can only be redeemed for time away from home.

*This service is ONLY available to the Subscription customers. (Legacy Contract customers are not eligible. “If you are paying by Qty based Rental Contract”)

If you will be away, we’ll replace your cloth diapers with paper diapers at no additional cost.

*Paper diapers will be limited up to 2 bags (approx. (+/-)60 diapers – see Paper Diapers Size and Quanity Per Bag section) per every one prepaid Prefold Subscription Rental Service period (4 weeks). No store value or credit or monetary value given for unused “Pack and Fly Service.”

You will receive 1 Pack and Fly Credit per every one prepaid Subscription Rental Service period – 4 weeks. These credits EXPIRE AFTER 8 WEEkS from the date of your Subscription payment has settled. So you can’t accrue more than 2 Pack and Fly Credit at any given moment. No exceptions, including prepaid customers.

Prepaid credit or Prepayment, and Gifted Service Period.

Prepayment of service are estimated calculation of service period. It is then credited to your account to pay your service until the credit balance is depleted.  Unless requested by writing, any accrued fees or charges will be paid from that credit balance. Therefore, you may end up with a balance owed if those charges or fees are not settled outside of the prepaid credit.

Some prepayments have promotional discounts for service or products. These promotional discounts are only applicable to the specified service or products and for specified purpose only. If the credit is depleted before the “expected service period.” Your discount will also expire immediately without notice.

It is important to settle additional charges and fees when they accrue, before your credit balance is depleted.

You have up to 1 year to use any remaining prepaid credit balance. Every charge for fees, service or product purchase will reset that period. After 1 year from the latest account transaction, your credit balance will expire and not redeemable for any credit.

There are no cash value refunds for credit balances. Any credit balance that is not expired can be redeemed for charges for fee, service, or product purchase from Tidee Didee.

Time Away – Vacation or Extended Away from home.

If you wish to take cloth diapers with you on vacation, please inform us at least 1 week before your delivery. We’ll provide useful washing tips and note you’ll be away. Please request vacation service at least 1 week before your delivery day if you wish to receive paper diapers.

If you will be away longer than 2 weeks, we’ll need to pick up all the cloth diapers in your home. That includes all clean and dirty diapers.

Please let us know the date you’ll be returning home. So that we can arrange a courtesy drop off freshly laundered diapers on your doorstep. To minimize the risk of diapers getting stolen, please ensure the courtesy delivery is the day after your arrival back home. *Please refer to “Lost Diapers/Compromised Diapers” section.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important that no diapers are left dirty in your home when you go away on vacation. There is a high chance your diapers will get damaged and ruined. If this occurs, we will need to charge for damaged diapers.

How We Operate

When you select your subscription model, up to 140 diapers are in rotation for your baby. You will receive 80 diapers for the first 60 diapers second delivery. On the second delivery, you should have soiled diapers for pickup. However many soiled diapers we pick up will be exactly what you receive in the following week and so on.  We assume that if you don’t return soiled diapers, they are clean in your home. For example, if we pick up 60 soiled diapers this week, we will be deliver 60 next week.

If you are finding that you are running short of diapers, contact us to increase your diaper count. As a courtesy, we will add 10 diapers to your count at no extra cost to you. This means you’ll receive 10 additional diapers on your next delivery. And that will be part of your circulation total of 150.

In order to make adjustments to your service in time for your next delivery, please fill out a service request on our website here 2 business days prior to your delivery date. Weekends and holidays don’t count.

Start Using the Diapers:

To ensure that you don’t run short on inventory, please start using diapers on your delivery day. To ensure your counts are accurate, only leave out soiled items and keep all clean items at home. For more diapers, please contact us 2 business days before your scheduled delivery day by filling out a service request on our website here.

We’ll provide an additional 10 rental diapers at no additional charge as courtesy, up to 150 diapers in circulation.

Beyond up to 10 additional Pre-folds rentals per service can be added for only $5/ every 4 week, total circulation 160 diapers. For more than 160 and up to total circulation of 300, you will be subject to additional baby pricing at $56 / 4 weeks pricing.

If you require service between your scheduled service date, the fee is $30. Which includes driver wage, gas, and mileage.

*Applies to Subscription customers only.

What To Do With Soiled Diapers

Gone are the days of scraping and rinsing dirty diapers — with Tidee Didee diaper service you give us the whole diaper surprise and we safely break that messy package down in our facility.

We’ve eliminated one of the most unpleasant problems of cloth diapering: washing those dirty diapers!  With Tidee Didee Diaper Service, all you have to do is remove the soiled diapers from your baby and toss the diaper into the bag we provide. Please do not rinse or soak the diapers. There is no need, we do it all! Our diapers are treated with a special germ and odor fighting rinse that is activated by the moisture. Our sophisticated processing equipment was designed strictly for laundering diapers. By the end of our 13 wash and rinse cycles, your diapers will be cleaner than when they were brand new.

Your pickup and delivery will be made on the same day every week. Please have your diapers out the night before or early on the day of your pick up day each week. Our drivers start their day as early as 6 am.  When your delivery driver arrives with your clean diapers, they will pick up your soiled diapers.

Forgot to Leave Soiled Diapers – Missed Pick Up

If by chance you do not leave your soiled diapers out for the driver to pick up, and you are not home, drivers will leave the clean diapers.  If we don’t pick up soiled diapers the week prior without any communication with the office, we will only pick up dirties the following week. We cannot deliver clean diapers as we won’t know how many diapers you’d need. When you miss pick up, you have option to bring the soiled diapers to Tidee Didee located at 6011 SE 92nd Ave, Portland during our office hours (Monday-Friday 8:00 AM- 1:00 PM) or schedule a special pick up for $30 fee. This fee goes to pay the driver and compensate for gas.

Tip: Set up a calendar reminder on your phone to take your soiled diapers out every week before 6 AM in the morning to catch our drivers.

Move Up In Size:

Are you finding that your baby’s current diaper size is not fitting as well as it did before? Or is the diaper fully saturated when you change your baby every 2-3 hours? It may be time to switch up to the next size entirely or try a sample of the next size. To request a diaper size change, try a new size, and/or remove wipes or add/or night-time inserts to service, please visit our website here and fill out a service request.com We need at least 2 business days notice to fulfill your request. If a 2-day window is not provided, we will make the change the following week.

Pre-Birth Delivery

When you sign-up as a pre-birth customer, you’d schedule the first delivery prior to the due date. We aim to schedule your first delivery about a week prior to the due date to ensure you’d have cloth diapers to use when the baby arrives.   Service charge for the first 4 weeks is due at the sign-up, plus the cost of any retail items you’ve selected.  Our minimum commitment is four weeks, and these first four weeks are not refundable.

The first delivery is considered as the first week of service. Then we pause your subscription for 4 weeks, considering potential delayed labor and any extenuating circumstances. We’d patiently wait for you to call us to let us know that the baby has arrived and that you are using our diapers within the 4 week period. If you have our diapers in home over 6 weeks without activation or without contacting us with extenuating circumstances, charges will begin to accrue on your account.

If you find you wish to start using the cloth later after the baby has arrived, please call us immediately and make arrangements to return all diapers so we may pause your service. We can restart you later, however you will be charged $30 to deliver your diapers to your home once again.

Please remember to notify us as soon as you start using the diapers so we can add you to our delivery route.

Holiday Service

Babies don’t stop, and neither do we! While our office may have shortened hours, our drivers have decided to work all recognized Holidays. We will send you a notice of any revised delivery schedule 1 week prior to any major holiday so you can be sure to get your diapers out for pick up.


Skip – Skipping more than 2 weeks is not accepted as molds can start to form after 7 days. See “Lost Diapers/Compromised Diaper” section. Please return all diapers including clean ones before leaving for your vacation. Inventory that are stuck at your place means that other families may face limited diaper for their baby.


If you are moving within our service area, please contact us to update your address and update your delivery day. For this reason we need ample time to make the changes so that your service is not interrupted. It’s essential to call us PRIOR to moving, especially if you are going to be relocating out of our service area.

Lost Diapers/Compromised Diapers:

Please ensure you provide a location that is safe for drop off since your diaper delivery may be left for several hours since our drivers deliver in the evening/early morning. In unfortunate scenarios when the diapers are lost/stolen while in your possession. (Anywhere on your property.) We’ll assess a charge for 1/2 the full retail price to replace the diapers. We will agree to a new secure location to deliver the diapers. If the diapers are lost/stolen again, we will charge your account for the full price to replace the diapers.

Any diapers that are compromised will be charged as well. To avoid compromised diapers, make sure you leave all your soiled diapers out weekly. If any items are missing or damaged, we’ll charge the following prices:

Retail Value of Rental Products

Prefold Diapers: Preemie/Newborn: $3.50, Infant: $3.75, Regular: $4, Toddler: $4.50 Wipes: $2.50/each

Paper Diapers Size and Quanity Per Bag

  • Size One 7-13 lbs. 28 ct per bag

  • Size Two 11-18 lbs. 30 ct per bag

  • Size Three 16-23 lbs. 33 ct per bag

  • Size Four 23-30 lbs. 30 ct per bag

  • Size Five 26-35 lbs. 27 ct per bag

Multi-Unit Complexes:

Tidee Didee will deliver to locked multi-unit complexes if one of the following is provided: Key, Buzzer code, Code to concierge that directly opens the front door. If any of the previous items are not provided, the only means of dropping off diapers is at the outside gate. Please see “lost diapers” for your replacement responsibility if diapers are stolen/lost.

Lost Personal Articles:

We are a diaper rental service. Our process and systems are specifically for that purpose. Therefore, we do not have the capabilities to track individual items that are sent to us. Any articles that are not our product, that go into your soiled bags are discarded. We will do our best to intervene the bag- only if you let us know within 2 days of the pick up. We will not be responsible for any belongings that were left in the bag.

Subscription Rental Service:

As this is rental business. All customers must have a valid credit card on file for incidentals. Any missing diapers or otherwise compromised diapers will be billed and charged on the card on file.

We reserve the right to refuse or terminate service to anyone without notice

We are a small business. We appreciate the opportunity to bring this service to Portland. To those who find our service valuable and truly meaningful. Sometimes we just have to let someone go. It’s probably their fault not ours. Upon termination, you still need to return or be charged for un-returned diapers. Pay back for the products and labor you hired us to provide.

Late Charges and Collections

Any unpaid balance that is past due for over 60 days will have late charge of 25% will be assessed. And will be sent to collection. This includes any Rental products that have not been returned.

Rental Products

All products that are part of your Subscription are considered rental products. This includes diapers, cloth wipes, equipment or machines.

Legacy Contract Customers – LCC

Most current customers fall into this category.

LCC-Contract Qty Rental and Services

  • Your contract qty means that you are RENTING X amounts of diapers from us. And we are only servicing/laundering diapers you’ve rented from us.

  • Currently, as a short term courtesy, we allow UP TO 2x of your contract qty in circulation. If our system shows that you are holding onto more than your contract for more than 2 weeks, you will be placed on a higher tier contract qty and will be charged a higher tier qty.

  • For example: if you’re contract is 70 and you have 30 clean diapers and 40 soiled diapers. Once we pick up the soil diapers and count them in. Following week you will only be provided with 40 clean diapers.

  • If you have more than your contract quantities, please reach out to the office and arrange your diaper contract to be dropped. This way, you are only charged for the amount of diapers you use and we can use the excess for servicing other customers.

LCC-Reducing Contract

  • If you’re reducing your contract quantity, please return all your on-site excess inventory on the effective date when the contract is being changed. If you fail to return excess inventory within a week, you’ll be charged with the higher quantity contract.

  • If you reduce your contract from 70 to 50, your on-site diaper quantities may not exceed 100 including the quantities being delivered.

    • If you have a contract of 50 and your on-site qty is at or over 100. Your next delivery will be a pick up only.

    • If you have a contract of 50 and your on-site qty is 90 and your returned 40 past week. You’ll only be delivered 10 regardless of your past week’s return qty.

LCC-Missing/Lost/Damaged otherwise compromised Diapers

  • Please remember that cloth Diapers are not disposable diapers. Please do not throw them away. They are expensive to buy and we rely on them to operate the business.

  • Please be advised, you will be charged for missing/damaged/compromised diapers. See “Lost Diapers/Compromised Diapers” section. Over the years, we’ve learned that the missing/compromised diapers hurt our bottom-line the most.  This is a measure we’ve decided to implement to stay afloat as a small local business. Thank you for your understanding.

LCC-Service Change Request

  • Please submit all your service requests via webform on our website at least 2 business days prior to the expected delivery date. If the notice was too short and we weren’t able to complete your request, we will complete it the following week.

 LCC-Pick Up Only

  • Pick Up Only Cost – Pick Up Only will no longer be discounted as the half price of your weekly contract price. Instead, pick up only will be considered full price of your regular contract.  Please understand that while diapers are rental items; pick-up only service requires just as much effort on admin, driver’s wage, gas, mileage, soil count and diaper wash.

LCC-Advance Billing

  • Pick Up Only Cost – Pick Up Only will no longer be discounted as the half price of your weekly contract price. Instead, pick up only will be considered full price of your regular contract.  Please understand that while diapers are rental items; pick-up only service requires just as much effort on admin, driver’s wage, gas, mileage, soil count and diaper wash.

Unless specified, all other conditions are the same as Subscription Terms and Condition

This service is a collective and collaborative effort in laundry labor and water usage to reduce resource expense and divert diaper waste from landfill. We appreciate everyone’s active participation in making this place better than we found it. 

 Potty Training Guaranteed Program

  1. Program Description: Tidee Didee is excited to introduce the “Potty Training Guaranteed” program. This innovative service is designed to support families throughout their entire potty training journey with our high-quality cloth diapers. For a one-time fee of $2,400, we provide continuous cloth diaper service to your child until they are fully potty trained.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: The program’s pricing is strategically set to ensure cost-effectiveness, with the cost per diaper change averaging as low as $0.30 over the diapering years. This makes the “Potty Training Guaranteed” program not only a convenient choice but also an economically wise one.

  1. Advantages of Cloth Diapers: Our cloth diapers are known to facilitate quicker potty training when used consistently. This program is based on the understanding that full-time cloth diaper usage is more effective for potty training compared to partial or full-time disposable diaper use.

  1. Terms of Service:

    1. Price: The program fee is $2,400 per child.

    1. Non-Transferable: The service is exclusively for the registered child and cannot be transferred to another child.

    1. Non-Refundable: The fee for this program is non-refundable.

    1. Duration: The service will continue until your child is completely potty trained, with no specific time limit imposed.

    1. Service Details: The same high-quality service and support provided in our standard diaper service will be extended to participants in this program.

  1. Billing and Commitment: Please note that while the “Potty Training Guaranteed” program involves a one-time fee, our regular cloth diaper service operates on a 4-week billing cycle, separate from this program. The minimum commitment for our standard service is a 4-week period.

  2. Cancellation Policy: Standard cancellation policies apply to our regular diaper service. However, the “Potty Training Guaranteed” program fee is non-refundable once paid.

  3. Contact and Support: For more details or specific inquiries regarding the “Potty Training Guaranteed” program or our standard cloth diaper service, please contact Tidee Didee directly.

Our Promise:

We are committed to providing the best customer service for you and your baby. Our goal is to make your journey into sustainable diapering the best possible. No question is too much for us. Let us know how we can be of service to you.

I authorize Tidee Didee to charge my card the “initial payment” and any future charges made for an ARB Subscription or Packages until I notify Tidee Didee that I would like to cancel service. I understand and accept all terms and conditions of this agreement as stated above and agree to abide by all agreements until I cancel my subscription with Tidee Didee.

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