Tidee Didee
Waste to Energy Diaper Service

Transforming Diaper Waste into Clean Energy

Introducing our innovative waste-to-energy diaper service! We deliver fresh paper diapers and pick up soiled ones, transporting them to our partner facility to convert waste into energy.


  1. Eco-Friendly: Reduces landfill waste by turning diapers into energy.
  2. Convenient: Hassle-free delivery and pickup, just like cloth diaper services.
  3. Sustainable: Supports a cleaner environment for future generations.
  4. Energy Efficient: Contributes to renewable energy production.


How It Works

Delivery and Pick Up

We deliver fresh paper diapers packs and pick up soiled ones from your doorstep. Every 2 weeks.

Process Waste

The collected diapers are transported to our partner waste-to-energy facility for eco-friendly processing.

Distribute Energy

The converted energy is then distributed back to the grid, contributing to a sustainable future.

How Much Does It Cost

For just $36 every 4 weeks, enjoy the convenience and sustainable action. This fee covers waste-to-energy processing, collection, transportation, and bio liners, ensuring more land for our children instead of landfills.

If you have an Active Tidee Didee Cloth Diaper Service, this fee is waived.

  • Diaper Bags: Simply let us know how many bags of diapers you need each week.
  • Easy Size Changes: Adjust diaper sizes anytime without hassle.
  • Simple Bi-Weekly Payment: Pay for your diapers bi-weekly before delivery.

Note: A $10 processing fee applies each occurrence if you don’t use our bio liners.


What kind of diapers do you sell for the Waste to Energy service?

We sell only diapers manufactured in the highest standard of sustainable material and practices.

Can I just have you collect our diapers we bought from other places?

Unfortunately, this is hard no. We have 2 issues we can’t overcome. It is practically impossible to find out which diaper bags are filled with proper diapers that are acceptable to our partner facility. Our facility partner have strict restriction on type of material we are able to process with them. Also, cost of membership fee broken down does not cover all costs. We rely on the margins from the retail diaper products sales to stay fiscally responsible.

How is the energy created?

Energy is created through two different ways, one is through State of the Art filtered incineration process. Which means, the output of emission is fraction compared to a common diesel engine vehicle. Other way is using bioreactive ingredient to increase methane gas output. Then, capturing that methane gas output to generate steam and energy back in to the grid.

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